Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System provides you with piece of mind and purified water at your fingertips.

Whole House Treatment

Whole house water treatment. Whether it be Iron, hardness, bacteria, odor, etc... We can provide you and your home with quality water throughout.

Irrigation Treatment

Irrigation treatment can be provided to prevent Iron staining from contaminants in your well water.

Industrial Applications

Full flow industrial valves provide the much needed flow rates for your business needs. Many businesses can save money by filtering out hardness minerals and other contaminants from the water supply.

Residential Applications

Providing filtered, soft, and quality water for your home is our expertise. Whether it be for a single occupant home or for the entire family, we can accommodate your filtration needs.

Feed Pump System

Our Feed Pump Systems provide bacteria free, odor free water throughout your entire home. These systems are usually reserved for those with private wells.

Salt Delivery

For a nominal fee, we can deliver your water softener salt. We will also look over your system(s) and can provide any need services while on site for the delivery.

The next best...

Salt-Free water treatment can also be provided depending on customer needs and water contaminants. Keeping up with the latest technology is first and foremost at Gallagher & Sons, but so is quality and efficiency. Please call to talk to a technician.